Most of Thursday was spent in the Old City. This describes the 0.35 square mile walled area within the modern city of Jerusalem. Home to three major religions, this area has an energy unmatched in the world. Honestly it never fades. I feel it as strongly as I did 5 years ago.

On a rooftop overlooking The Wall.

The second half of the day was spent in the shook. Picture the scene from the Disney movie Aladdin where he runs through the market. One jump ahead of the bread line. The only bread line I found myself in was for rugelach. A Jewish pastry of eastern European origin. Imagine a mini crescent shaped pastry filled and rolled with chocolate. I know. Heaven. Marzipan is a bakery well known for these bites of bliss. My unofficial mission in coming here this summer is to evaluate contenders for best rugelach in Israel. Another unique treat I’ve missed since my first trip is mint tea. Hot water. Fresh mint. Simple syrup. Glass cup. Sip. Enjoy. Repeat. For best results pair with people watching at a cafe in the shook.

Mint tea is tops.

To cap off the evening we walked to the always popular hang out area Ben Yehuda St. for shwarma. This is a genius meal. Completely self contained in a pita pocket. None of this dry and cracked pita we have it the states. A warm fluffy pita filled with well seasoned meat, fries, tahina sauce, chopped tomato and cucumber, cabbage, onions and half sour pickles. That’s what dreams are made of.

We’ve been training for this.