I was lucky to spend the day after the wedding with Yaeli and Asaf’s families and other from out of town guest. We went to the Dead Sea, had a huge lunch at a tent in the desert, rode camels, and ended the night at an international art festival. After a such long day in the desert I was worried about being presentable enough to go to the festival, however one of the girls put my worry to rest with this token quote: “It’s an extreme challenge to be under dressed here.” Israel is a very casual place but that doesn’t mean people aren’t well dressed. They are rather fashion forward.Israel continually reminds me of California in two main ways: geographically and weather wise. Just like in California, you can be at the beach, in the mountains, around the city or in the desert all in the same day. Getting from each of these places is another story. Israelis drive like maniacs. Not an exaggeration. Seriously. I’m thankful everyday that I do not drive here. Public transportation is a god send.

Dead Sea Divas.

Aaaarabian Niiiights.

Sleepy Joe Camel

A camel is a horse designed by committee.

Abraham. What a mench.

Finally no more plastic plates and cups.

Formal dining at its finest.

Drum circle moment