Just a glimpse

My last two days have been spent in the Old City sitting in on classes. The building where I’m listening to these lectures overlooks The Wall. I get to stare at this holy site for hours at a time. Surreal. How fortunate am I?  Some people never get the chance to visit this city. They dream of it their whole life. Somehow I’m able to walk to The Wall from my apartment in 20 mins. Today I took this picture trying to capture how iconic this area appears to me on a daily basis.

Taken with my iPhone and photo app. Nice effect.

Posters like this are all over the city. The next few pictures were taken several weeks ago. A random stroll through the Jewish Quarter in the late afternoon never disappoints.

Jewish Quarter wanderings and findings.

Up close and personal in Kitten Courtyard.

Jewish Quarter in the Old City. Many layers.

Early morning at The Wall.

When I was in Israel 5 years ago I found a great chamsa necklace (upside down hand believed to ward off the evil eye). I went back to the same store last week and couldn’t resist this gold filigree chi necklace (Life in Hebrew).

Life. Chi. New necklace.

On a walk Tuesday afternoon I caught an amazing sunset over the Old City. Luckily I had my iPhone with me and was able to snap a couple rough shots.

Amazing sky over the Old City.

The Montefiore Windmill. Built in 1857

There’s something magical about this city.