Kitchen Endeavors

These last few months in Israel have provided me many opportunities to make some breakthroughs in the kitchen. It’s ironic since, it’s the most meager kitchen I’ve ever had to use. Double hot plate. Oven the size of a large microwave. An actual microwave. One large knife, that’s dull enough to be dangerous. And a collection of pots an pans just functional enough to work. But against these odds the roommates and I  have made some delicious meals. I’ve certainly been influenced by Israeli cuisine but also look to satisfy cravings for food I would find easily back home in the States..

Chicken pad thai. Yellow curry.

Beetsalad. Citrus marinated chicken. Couscous style quinoa.

Shortstack with strawberries and fake maple syrup.

Chicken fajita style salad with sautéed bell pepper and onion with avocado. Oregano and sweet basil dressing.

The makings of Pho.

Happy cooks and customers.

It was the hope of Dafna, Nika and I to  take a cooking class of some type during our stay in Israel. We came across some great coupons to enroll in a 3 hour class called French Cooking with a Twist at the Jerusalem Culinary Institute. It was an amazing experience and we each learned a lot. I hope the pictures do just to how incredible the food tasted!

Student becomes the teacher.

Tuna tartar with red pepper and black sesame seeds.

Chinese 5 spice chicken thigh with orange and pomergranite glaze.