New year

A month and a half late on the Jewish calendar, yet two months early… It’s time to make a resolution. I’m resolving to do many things including the cliche gym promises (checked that one of my list). I’m also determined to rediscover all the wonderful things this land and people have to offer. Everyday I hear of something new to check out, go see, or eat. And with those simple suggestions I’m going to do just that. And take pictures along the way of course. In the meantime I’ve got a few photos from my iPhone to share of what I’ve been up to the last 3 months since getting back to Israel.

The US is all “Occupy” this or that right now but Israel went through it’s own social justice campaign months ago already. One of the marches came right down my street.

On a lazy Saturday in Jerusalem Shay and I took a drive out to a look out point of the city.

Since being surprised with a bike for my birthday in August, I’ve made it a point to explore the coast of Tel Aviv as much as I can. Every time I go for a ride I feel like I’ve been transported back to my Mission Bay bike rides with my siblings or friends. It’s a really nice reminder of home.

And of course I’ve been cooking here and there when I have the time or energy. I was feeling pretty confident one evening and set out to make tiramisu. My mom’s tiramisu puts every other one I’ve had to shame. Not willing to be disappointed by ordering it in a restaurant here I did some googling and reminiscing and through this little guy together. Honestly, the first bite almost made me cry. It was like my mom had FedExed that bite to me from San Diego. Channeling my mom’s cooking is something I aspire to every time I’m in the kitchen, this attempt was spot on.