So close I can taste it

I’ve got a kitty cat sitting on my shoulder right now. Making it a bit difficult to type. But I persevere. Outside it’s the coldest it’s been in Tel Aviv. There’s actually snow in Jerusalem right now. So I’m quite grateful for this extra warmth and will overlook the discomfort. A few too many nudges and Jack the cat may just find a more comfortable place for himself, but I’ll immediately regret the cold shoulder. This type of negotiation is a theme for Jack and I. And he always wins.

I’m focused right now. This happens when there are deadlines in my life. Either self-imposed or required by some external force. A combination of those types are currently in play. My March madness has nothing to do with basketballs and brackets. I’ve got the USA in my sights come March 29. Just under a month until San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Las Vegas, Baltimore/Washington DC, and New York. It’s a marathon of a trip to fit into the month of April. I’m up for the challenge. So the training has been under way and will surely bring me right up to boarding gate at Ben Gurion Airport. I won’t be traveling alone. No, Jack the cat won’t be a stowaway in my bag. Shay will be making his debut on US soil. Since it’s his first trip to the US I thought I’d pull out all the stops and dot the coast of CA, pop over to Vegas, and finish things off with a big family gathering on the East coast for my cousin Seth’s wedding. It’s a trip a year and a half in the making. Can’t leave anything out. So many people to see. So much food to eat! I’m not ashamed to admit that my itinerary really revolves around food to some extent. I’m lucky that my favorite people are all located near my favorite eateries.

you are always on my mind...

you are always on my mind…

bbq fix when I'm not able to get to Texas

bbq fix when I’m not able to get to Texas