Sabich Remixed

sabich salad completed

I’ve written previously about my obsession with the Saturday morning beloved sabich pita sandwich. Well why not take it out if the pita and make it into a salad? I made it right quick when Shay appeared at my doorstep carrying all the essentials straight from Jerusalem. Honestly, I didn’t miss the pita one bit. It had everything I could hope for from a brunch time meal.

hummus zhatar dressing

The star was the hummus based dressing that I threw together. A couple heaped spoons of hummus. Lemon juice. Olive oil. Zhatar. Salt. Pepper. Drizzled over carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, boiled potato, lettuce, sprouts, fried eggplant, hard boiled egg and topped with chopped chives – it’s a wonder I haven’t found this on a menu here yet. But I’m not really surprised. Israelis really like their food the way it was originally intended. I think even Shay’s parents thought I was a bit off when the next weekend I passed on the pita and piled the ingredients into a bowl for another sabich inspired salad. There must be a similar expression to “If it isn’t broke don’t fix it” in Hebrew. I’ll ask around but I don’t think I’ll listen.

tomatoes and cucumbers


sabich salad close up