Taking Care of Business (Cards)

Sometimes all you need is a little push. My sister, Erica, was just that. She was on my case about getting a business card put together. I wasn’t sure the point of one. Do people even use them anymore? Yes. Apparently they do. And now I do too. But the process was dramatic. Landscape oriented. One-side only. Not going to change our minds. Except we did. On both points. Not before almost scrapping the whole thing several times. But the struggle was necessary. A vision quest. Distilling myself onto a 3.3″ x 2.16″ card was not an easy task. I learned a ton. So much Photoshop! Figuring out how to buy, download and install fonts. How to use Lightroom. Consider branding issues. Decide on paper qualities. It has all proven to be worth it. I’m in love with the result. Energized by the clarity. And so proud to pass these out.

It feels great handing these cards out to people I meet. More than just providing contact information, the curated pictures on the backside serve as a portfolio. Thumbing through them allows me to showcase some of my work on the spot without having to rely on them making it to my website. They get a sneak peak right then. When I select the card I choose one with an image that relates to the topics discussed. It’s a powerful way to create a visual association they can refer to later.

Business Cards Moo

Where’d I get them printed?

I used moo.com to make my cards. And was truly impressed with the quality. Using their template in photoshop allowed me to completely customize my design. I even ended up using one of their custom templates to help my husband make his business cards. I definitely recommend checking them out when you are looking for a business card update or upgrade.