Wednesday was wonderful. It started with a solid brisk walk around the block and 10 sets of stairs with my house mate Rachel from Florida. There is a lot of walking during a typical day around here but it’s usually offset with a lot of food. The food here is incredible and deserves its own […]

nikon Israel 067


My official first full day in Jerusalem started before dawn this morning. So much for shaking the jet lag as fast as possible. Apparently being dead tired does not serve as adequate ear plugs when the Call to Prayer of a distant mosque is sung out at 4:20am. As if I needed another reminder I […]

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18 hours. 50 shekels. I arrive in Jerusalem. Dropped off on the correct street in a small quiet neighborhood I drag my 45 lbs luggage through a white iron gate down 5 stairs to stand in front of building 6. My new home for 3.5 weeks. I’m looking for any literal sign that I’m in […]