tall goat cheese round

Say Goat Cheese

In my dreams, nestled in the Judean hills between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem lives a quaint and rustic family farm. Homemade goat cheese. Freshly baked bread. Lush green grounds for meandering. I’d nibble slowly on my food just to make the stop last longer. And so we did. Only taking breaks to visit with the […]


Passover dessert, please.

This week’s post at Smitten Kitchen was the answer to my prayers. It’s Passover again, what should I bring to the Seder? Not only does it need to be Passover approved but also dairy free. I usually protest dairy free desserts. Too often they’ve subbed in scary alternatives like non dairy cream, vegetable oils, and […]


Roots to Leaves: Celery Salt

What do you do with celery leaves? And a deeper topic for another time: what about all the other bits of vegetables that we somehow believe aren’t edible? Recently I got to Googling just in time to tempt the fate of the pile of celery leaves on my cutting board. Turns out there are many […]


Put it in a Pita: Sabich

If there is one thing I am obsessed with, (and believe me, there’s more than one) it’s Saturday morning breakfast. Not just any breakfast spot, but one that’s invite-only with limited seating. There’s no strict dress code. Just roll out of bed and pull up a chair. Then I take that first bite and I […]


Baked Eggs: Broccoli, Leeks and Shallots

Friday morning I opened the refrigerator for inspiration. A random mix of vegetables, a few pieces of fruit, a carton of eggs. Nothing really screamed out at me. I figured an omelet would be just right. Mid way I changed course. A vision of a baked eggs popped in my head. Two ramekins later and […]