In a nut shell

Being under the weather for a month on top of a full schedule of work, Hebrew classes and life it’s hard to find the time, let alone the energy, to write a post. Finally, with a two hour bus ride ahead of me, I possess both requirements to formulate a few coherent thoughts for an […]


Government Architecture

Our field trip a few Tuesdays ago took up to the Israeli equivalent of the United States’ Capital Hill. Located in Givat Ram, Jerusalem is the Knesset (Israeli parliament) and various government offices. I wrote a blog entry for my Jerusalem Challenge internship so I figure I’d share that with you here: On a daily […]

אני רוצה תה, בבקשה

Ani rotzah teh, bevakesha. I want tea, please. Hot water. Nana (mint leaves). Sugar. Combine. Drink. Repeat. 99 cups later and you may be sleeping through the night finally. It’s been 3 days since my first night of uninterrupted sleep since getting a cough 3 weeks ago. I missed 2 days of my internship (which […]

…Make me a mensch

I came across an interesting bit of info when on the Merriam-Webster website the other day. Nerd alert is sounding in the background. If you can concentrate with that alarm sounding read this “Trend Watch” I thought was interesting. “Mensch” When: Lookups spiked on September 24, 2010. Why: Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia in Star Wars) […]

Back to the Future

Earlier in the week my Aunt Elissa sent me some photos taken when she lived in Israel for 6 months in 1972. I took pictures during my trip here in 2006 almost of the exact view from a very similar angle. The contrast is really interesting. The first set is of The Wall and the […]

A Suitcase of Love

When you pack for a two month trip and it turns into 7 months you learn about which of your material possessions are important. Not having my own laptop was beginning to wear and the thought of 5 more months without it awoke a sense of panic. So I started a list of things I […]