Phyllo Feta Honey Sesame

Simplicity in Phyllo, Feta & Honey

 This article first appeared on Edible San Diego as part of my weekly column Mediterranean in Little Italy. We left behind the cliff-side views of Greece’s western coast for the softly slopping shore views of the hilltop town of Exo Gonia. Our mission? A lazy lunch of local fare at Metaxi Mas far from the crowds […]

Meyer Lemon and Thyme Himalayan Salt 1

Meyer Lemon + Thyme Himalayan Salt

Following Thanksgiving cranberry sauce and stuffing preparations I was left with some extra ingredients in the fridge. Meyer Lemons and fresh thyme. So I got to thinking about different ways to use them up and embrace their flavors. I’ve made celery salt in the past so I figured a similar transformation would work. Using Himalayan Salt […]

Roasted Eggplant with Persian Lime and Plum Enfuso

Roasted Eggplant with Persian Lime + Plum

These little cuties caught my eye at the ever pastoral Coastal Roots Farm in Encinitas in a few weeks back: Fairy Tale Eggplants. My mind immediately wandered through recipe ideas — something to celebrate their delicate shape and size. From my days working at Cafe Xoho (under the fabulous Zoe Komarin) I fell in love […]

Roasted Cranberry and Grape Sauce

Cranberry Sauce with a Twist

I love Thanksgiving. There’s something about getting to revisit familiar flavors and aromas with my favorite people. And if there’s something or someone missing from the table it’s just not the same. For me, my favorite component of my Thanksgiving plate is cranberry sauce. Acidity is so important when a meal is so rich! It […]


Obsessed: Rose + Honey Mask

I’m completely obsessed with this simple beauty treatment. I’ve used this rose honey mask 3 times and I’m utterly convinced my skin has never been better. A big believer in the power of natural alternatives, honey is high on my list to cure just about anything. So why not slather it on my face? Paired with […]


Citrus Salad with Nuts + Seeds

Here’s a recipe for a citrus salad I developed for The Spice Way – San Diego last month. It’s featured on their blog and I even demoed it in-store at their 2nd Anniversary event — maybe you caught the FB live stream? If not, I’ve included it at the bottom of the post. I love this […]